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Our inovative solutions bring the people, resources and network technologies together to deliver integrated, cost effective, turn-key solutions to our clients. Solutions that are affordable, easy to deploy, easy to manage and deliver powerful results.  

The dmmCloud platform is a subscription service and fully integrated web interface. The dmmCloud platform delivers powerful digital media tools without massive captial expenditures. Manage mass communications, promotional and marketing campaigns easily. All in one place.

Start engaging your audience, using their prefered medium to build brand loyalty.

Digital, Dynamic, Direct marketing...

Delivers Results!

As a Marketing Consultant in this rapidly growing world of digital mobile marketing, one must understand and demonstrate it's full potential. People want to join in on this technological surge. That is why ee are looking for enthusiastic people with solid backgrounds in sales and are customer service fanatics. Prior sales, marketing, retail sales, print media, network management, web development, mobile apps and restaurant promotions experience are all beneficial.  We want people who possess excellent communication skills, enjoy helping people and know how to pay attention to detail.  Our Marketing Consultants are self directed, well organized, team players willing to learn, work and collaborate collectively to meet our clients campaign objectives.

Consultants will conducting presentations, engaging business owners and managers, host conference calls, hangouts and webinars and training classess.


Self motivated, reliable, willing to learn.

A collaborative team player who always communicates effectively.

Someone who is self directed, reliable, able to work from home and virtual office environment.

Willing to learn, commit, set, and achieve performance objectives

Able to multitask and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Conduct marketing campaign interviews
Deliver Digital Marketing Demonstrations/Campaign Strategy Demos
Sign new business, Network and Build Referral Business
Maintain a strong customer relations w/ clients
Manage client campaigns and document sales activities
Submit Weekly Commissions Report
Create/Design Campaign Print Materials for clients
Attend required Meetings/Training Sessions/Conference Calls

Job Requirements
Reliable transportation, High Speed internet access, with computer, mobile smart-phone, and Wifi ready tablet.
A desire to set your own schedule and meet performance goals
A desire to earn unlimited income based on performance, within an explosive and dynamic growth market.

We provide training and resources that help you achieve to your personal goals and meet thoughs objectives.  At Triple dMedia, we value a team approach. We strive to provide world class business services in a high tech mobile society. We strive to provide flexible work environments, colaborative schedules, and virtual office environments for our teams, that foster a balanced work/life approach to meet both our business and career objectives.

We provide online Sales/Commissions Reporting
dmmCloud platform access, sales tracking, and subscription reporting
Access to professional marketing resources and materials
Performance Bonuses
Guaranteed Monthly Commissions

If you enjoy working with people, are energetic, can work independently, as a team member and understand this emerging market, we want to hear from you.  Submit your resume here.

Keywords: Sales, outside sales, account management, customer service, entry level, part time, full time, account manager, marketing, public relations, business development, prospecting

Region(s): Chicago IL, Denver CO