Email Marketing

Upgrade your advertising campaign by utilizing email as one of the 3 primary mediums to reach your target audience.  Coordinating an email campaign with mobile marketing and social media promotions you can unleash the power of today's technology and experience dramatic results.

Promote in Style

Using our custom templates, it's easy to include your logo and create professional looking messages that match invitations, newsletters, coupons and other promotional collateral to build your brand image.  Use our mail merge feature to add that personal touch to each message by including each recipients name within every message.

Customer Scheduling

Schedule your messaging campaigns in advance.  Then have them sent out automatically at a specific time on a predetermined day.  You can set your emailing schedule for 1 day or 1 year in advance.  This allows you to focus on preparation for the surge in business, knowing your pre-scheduled promotional campaign is being sent out on time.

Grow Your Contacts Database

Use an email campaign to collect and grow your contacts list.  Send out special event notices, advertise your custom Online Signup Page (OSP) and Mobile Keyword within your email blasts.  Encourage people to share your promotion and to sign up for additional specials, so you can collect additional contact information for use in your next campaign.

Reports and Tracking

Track your email and text messaging performance through our advanced reporting.  Monitor delivery, open rates, redemptions, sign-ups and more to determine the effectiveness of each campaign or promotion.

Spam Filtering

Using our customer spam filtering option, you can monitor and improve delivery rates and over time by following our automated spam filtering suggestions.

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