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Billions of people surf the Internet every day in search of products and services.  They use Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Linked In and other social networking applications to share information with all their connections. People upload photos, post status updates and even share their current location with their friends.  Why not let them promote your business, product or service?

When you advertise an offer, discount sale or special event, you want everyone to know about it.  By using social media, it allows your customes to share your information via Facebook, Twitter or by directing them to your website to see the promotion.  This is the best advertising money can't buy.  Digital Media is the new word of mouth advertising.

Introducing DaBuds Mobile Media Widget!

Why not use this opportunity to collect contact information, expand and grow your customer database.  Now you can using DMM custom widgets!  Widgets allow you to easily add a sign up form to your Facebook or Website landing page.  It's a great way to build and grow your personal DMM database for future promotions.

Create as many custom widgets as you like to segment you database.  The sign up widgets link directly to your customer database which will automatically update whenever someone signs ups.  You can even create an auto responder to reward anyone who signs up by instantly sending out an IM, text or email message with a special offer.  This builds your contact database, creates add incentives, expands your promotion and directs your customers to take action... all at the same time.

DaBuds Mobile Media Widgets are another great way to collect, connect and direct your target audience to your product or service.

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"Two items people always carry with them... their wallet and their smart phone."