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The mobile smart phone is revolutionizing how businesses and organizations communicate with their target audience.  Digital and mobile media is opening new marketing channels.  Text messaging is projected to surpass email as the preferred method of communication.

SMSmarketingMobile marketing offers several advantages over traditional print campaines alone.  Messages are delievered instantly and are more likely to be read.  Coupons and promotions are stored on your customers phones and with them at all times.  The result... higher redemption rates and increased sales.

Use a mobile short code and personalized keywords, and Online Signup Page(s) OSP to engage your prefered customers and build loyalty.

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Short Codes and Keywords

Here's how it works...

Using DaBuds Mobile Media platform, you get access to a mobile short code phone number.  Create a unique mobile keyword which identifies your business, organization or advertising campaign.  Then promote and publish your keyword and short code everywhere.

When a consumer sends a text message using your keyword to your short code phone number 96362, they'll be added to your database automatically.  Your customer receives an immediate automated response which you can customize. You can then follow up with a special announcement, a discount offer or a mobile coupon to thank them for joining.  As more people join, your contact database grows automatically for future marketing campaigns.

PhoneSharingThe best part, this is a 100% opt-in program that builds customer loyalty and creates word of mouth advertising.  The most effective and high impact advertising there is.  As more people join, your contact database grows.  You can then promote your products or service with custom campaigns matching your customers specific demographics and preferences.  This results in higher redemption rates, keeps your customers engaged and more likely to share future promotions with their friends.

Try it now... send the text message of DaBuds to the short code phone number 96362.  You will receive a welcome message and a free promo code.  Use the promo code to sign up for our service and get a free 30 day trial, a free mobile keyword and $5.00 off every month you use our service.  It's that easy.

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Why does your Dining Establishment need a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Mobile Media Facts

"Mobile text messaging is rapidly becoming the preferred method of communication."