Voice Broadcasts

Our voice messaging service allow you to add a personal touch to your campaign and convey your message using a human voice.  Our integrated multi-channel platform allows you to record custom voice messages and then communicate with hundreds or even thousands of people all at once.  When your target audience answers their mobile phone or land-line phone, they'll hear your voice, your message, in a very person way.

Announce big events, special sales or direct them to your website for additional details.  It's all up to you!

With DaBuds Mobile Media, you can create exciting new voice message campaigns that drives business to your establishment or website.  Make voice broadcasts an integral part of your multi-channel marketing mix and strategy.  It another way for you to connect with consumers, contacts, or employees and convey your message, directly and with the power and inflection of a human voice.  Try it and experience the high impact a voice message delivers.  See how it generates new business, improves customer loyalty and keeps your customers coming back for more.

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"Mobile text messaging is rapidly becoming the preferred method of communication."