A MasterAgent nationwide telecommunications broker provides access to world class telecommunications carrier services. On average our clients have cut of 20-30% from their monthly phone bills.  For the SAME SERVICES!

Our consultants are analysts, advisors, and advocates.  We try ensure each of our clients has the best-in-class services for all their telecommunication network needs. 

No fees, no risk, no pressure. We can help.

Find out how...

As a nationwide broker for all major carriers, including AT&T, Comcast Business Class, XO, CenturyLink, Level3 and others, we understand network communications, bandwidth and redundancy requirements.  We provide every level of service, start to finish, to insure your connected.  Being an independent telecom broker, carriers are motivated to compete with each other for your business. You benefit by getting the required network carrier services at the best possible rates.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Request Free Analysis: First, are your network requirments being met?  Are your services under contract or are your free to choose a new carrier?  Not sure, we can find out.  Contact us and your on your way to better service at the best possible rates.
  • Past Invoice:  We will review your documents, to better address the scope of you network services and requirements. We'll identify current service contracts commitments, rates, circuit IDs, DID's, POTS and other techical contact information.
  • Competitive Quotes: We'll submit an RFQ for services, on your behalf, to serveral carriers pricing options for your needs.
  • Before and After: We’ll provide a “before and after” comparison spreadsheet, which outlines your options. You choose, stay with your current carrier and save 12%, or change to competing carrier and double your savings. We'll send the resulting agreements for your approval, and we handle the rest.
  • Coordination of Installation: We submit the orders for processing on your behalf.  We manage the installation scheduling.  Your IT and Communications personel up-to-date notified of milestone dates throughout the 30 to 45 day installation process.  When everything is in place, tested, and verified.  We flip the switch and your are saving money.  We manage all telecom carrier facilities and installation processes, including:

Due dates

Phone numbers (keep your same numbers)

Circuit IDs

Router configuration

IP addresses

Invoices come directly from your new service provider.

Ongoing Oversight:  After a successful installation of the new services, we'll work with you to review the next 60 days of billing to ensure accuracy, and verify that former carrier services have been suspended. In short, we put our years of experience to work for you. The result, you'll have the latest service enhancements, pay less each month and get the services you need.  It's that easy.

Start Saving Now:  Call 630-213-1404 or contact us for a No-Fee, No-Pressure Consultation.